An introduction to NetEnt slots

NetEnt have been supplying online video slots games and casino software to online casinos and casino operators for over 20 years. To see a list of online casinos, games and offers available in Canada, click here 1netentcasino . Yet there is a lingering myth that remains that online slot games are all rigged.

What is the myth exactly?

Online gambling is an emotional affair when there is money involved. A player can have a losing streak or a series of bad results on slots and immediately thinks that the game is rigged or that the casino is cheating. That is the time that they would rather go and buy a women's watch. Click here .

  • Return to Player rate
  • Random Number Generators

Any discuss any myth about online slot games being rigged would typically start off by knowing some industry terms. Return to Player (RTP) and Random Number Generators (RNG) are important to learn and understand to see how slot games work and how they are designed to be fair when there are payouts.

Return to Player

The Return to Player (RTP) is a representation of the odds of the player getting a payout on a certain slot. on NetEnt games this RTP percentage is expressly stated by each game. Example: Expected RTP = 96%. This means that for every $100 wagered on the game the player can expect $96 back over time.

The percentage RTP normally displayed by games gives people the theoretical RTP which is the sum of money that an online slot game is expected to pay back over time. This figure differs from actual RTP with is the sum of money that an online slot game actually pays back over time. The 'time' aspect is also important.


Why do these percentages differ

The theoretical percentage will most likely be different from the actual percentage because the theoretical number has been calculated over a very large number of rounds. This can be hundreds, thousands or even millions of rounds that combine to create the potential RTP. It doesn't mean that the actual RTP at any time in gameplay is incorrect.

  • Play NetEnt games with the highest RTP percentage
  • RTP displayed is always Theoretical
  • Theoretical RTP is different from actual RTP

All NetEnt games will display the RTP percentage in the game. You can also see a list of all NetEnt slot games with their theoretical RTP listed on their website. A good start to ensure a higher payout over time is to concentrate on the games with a higher theoretical return to player.

What is variance?

Theoretically, if an online slot game has a higher RTP rate, then the more chance you have in receiving your wagered money back over a long period of time. However games with lower RTP rates could also provide the chance for larger once-off payouts. The impact of Variance plays a role here.

A slot game with a low variance will pay out more regularly but in lower amounts. If the variance of the slot game is higher then you can expect payouts less often but in higher amounts. This variance is also referred to as volatility. NetEnt's slot game Dead or Alive is a slot with an extremely high volatility.

What is a RNG then?

A Random Number Generator (RNG) is used by online game developers to ensure that their games display spin results to players that are random and fair. Third party audit companies audit these game results regularly and the ability for an online casino to change this RNG is impossible as the game code is not hosted by the casino.

  • RNGs ensure random and fair results
  • Casinos cannot change RNGs

To summarise, some slots players will win and some will lose, and that is just the way gambling goes. It is the business of an online casinos to make money in a fair way and there is no benefit to rig games. Ensure that the casino you play at is using NetEnt software for a fair playing experience.